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Driving Scalable Business.

Leapfrog your retail business with our up-to-date technology

Why our Retailing Clients engage us.

Doing away with long queues and traditional heavy paper works, retail clients that have engaged us has seen vast improvement in the order processing procedures leading to less missing parcels and breakages. As a result of the streamlined process, clients are reporting increased customers’ satisfaction and shopping experiences.


With our in-house kiosk system, orders can be processed in less than 2 minutes, together with parcels being repackaged, tagged and tracked with information being transferred to warehouse, ready for sorting.


Last mile fulfilment are being routed efficiently based on parameters such as distance and delivery window preferences selected by customers. Drivers will then request for customers to endorse on the phone and an ePOD will be generated; a paperless and effortless process!


As a one stop solution hub, we are able to provide not only the last mile deliveries to end customers, but transfer stocks from our distribution centre to the many outlets in Singapore, efficiently generating cost savings for our clients!

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