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Comprehensive Solution

Made possible with over a decade of experience in Furniture Logistic

Why our Clients engage us for their Furniture Logistic needs. 

We provide a suite of services that caters to furniture businesses, from warehousing to disposal. Therefore, clients engage us as their one stop solution provider, without having to deal with too many parties. Enhancing our solutions with the use of technology, it has proven to increase efficiencies in both costs and resources!


We pride ourselves with the capabilities to provide white glove services and the expertise to fulfil complex installations. Our operation teams are well-equipped with customer service and installation competencies through our in-house developed trainings and are capable to troubleshoot difficulties on site with the assistance of our backend support team.


With the teams’ dynamic, our clients are confident to leave the logistical challenges under our care and concentrate on the core of their business and competitive positioning!

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