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Focus on your Sales

Let us take care of your logistics and help you achieve greater visibility, insightful analytics and higher service level.

We are already investing these for you.

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Sensational Express is an End-to-End Logistic Solutions Provider

for Furniture and Retail Businesses



Here at Sensational Express, we specialise in 2 areas – Furniture and Retail Logistics Services.


As an End-to-End Logistic Solutions Provider with over a decade of experience, Sensational Express is confident of meeting our clients’ needs well.

Committed to providing our clients with the logistics services they require/envisioned, Sensational Express has strategically leveraged on technology as well as tapped on necessary human resources to improve its operations.


As a result, we have managed to streamline our delivery system and optimised efficiency by 40%.



Notable/ Certification/awards/Accolades


Missing Opportunity Costs

Investing too much time & resources in logistics but not sales? 

Manpower Challenge

How to ensure drivers show up, deliver on time and provide good customer service experience for your customers.

Scalability Challenge

How to achieve lower cost structure without high volume of deliveries or high capital investment​

Get Started

Browse the solutions we design!


We invest in designing better software, hardware, infrastructure and research to help our clients stay competitive.

Sharing Economy

We help our clients optimise their operations and gain efficiencies quickly through collaboration and sharing of resources. 


We train our best teams and provide them with opportunities to grow with us.

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