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How Sensational Started

Established since 1999, Sensational Express started as a "One Man, One Vehicle" company. With close to 20 years experience in logistics, we believe in helping our clients solve their logistics problems to allow them to focus on the core business activities.


Mainly Furniture and Retail businesses choose us for their warehousing, delivery and handyman services. We constantly upgrade our capability to offer greater value added solutions to all our clients. 

Where are we heading

Our vision is to be the leading innovator providing end-to-end logistics solutions for Furniture and Retail businesses.

We will achieve that by helping businesses focus on their core business activities, eliminating their worries on limited resources in their logistics operations. 

We consistently lead our team to explore new territories and scale new peaks to achieve better life for everyone.

3 Areas of Growth

We focus our energy on 3 broad areas.

Training ensure our teams stay efficient and always deliver the best experience.

Technology enables us to do the impossible, scale our operations and increase our productivity. 

The Sharing Economy approach helps us achieve economy of scale and benefit the entire community. 

We are member of: 
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